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Happy Fourth of July!Baby RaccoonGBH Skimming the surfaceBald EagleTree SwallowBluebirdRed-winged BlackbirdRaccoon FamilyYellow-crowned Night Heron chicksGBHBunnyFawnBull frogCrow with a Donut!Baby RaccoonHouse WrenTree SwallowRed Fox

Guestbook for June 2020
Harris Brown(non-registered)
great set as always Kevin-wonderful variety. Hard to pick a favorite but I like the running fox
Gene & Fay Kidd(non-registered)
These were all so enjoyable to watch. I especially liked the mother and baby raccoon and the GBH pictures. We hope you and james are enjoying the holiday weekend!!!!
Patricia Eyeington(non-registered)
Enjoy these from Linda Thomas every month. You are a fantastic photographer. Thank you for all your lovely pictures.. some are birds I cannot name.. keep them coming..Patricia

Linda M Thomas(non-registered)
I look forward to your photos each month and love this months assortment. I am a big fan of racoons so you know which pictures I like the most. James did a good job with the patriotic picture. Sure fits the day doesn't it? Hope you and James are well now and continue to stay that way..
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