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Mountain BluebirdAmerican OystercatcherPacific Sailfin Tang (Aquarium)Tricolored HeronCorn Snake (Aquarium)AnhingaMarbled GodwitHooded Merganser(s)IbisEastern Newt (aquarium)Hooded Merganser(s)Pied-billed GrebeRing-billed GullRing-billed GullStriped Bass (Aquarium)GracklePepe, our dogCooper's hawkAmerican OystercatcherLittle Blue Heron

Guestbook for February 2022
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures! I look forward to these each month. thanks for sharing with us.
Joe kubiak(non-registered)
As always, beautiful photographs. I hope you both are enjoying your new home.
The guestbook is empty.