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Sunrise over Masonboro SoundStilt SandpiperSunset over the Cape Fear RiverLeast SandpiperSunset over the Cape Fear RiverSnowy EgretRoseate SpoonbillSpoonbill and Great EgretAnhingaJuvenile Yellow-crowned Night HeronRoseate SpoonbillRed shouldered Hawk, juvenileLittle Blue HeronSpotted. SandpiperAnhingaTricolored HeronSnowy EgretTricolored HeronBlack-bellied PloverLittle Blue Heron

Guestbook for September 2022
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Very nice pictures Kevin!! All of them were beautiful but my favorite was the one with the Egret(?) and the other bird in the tree! I always enjoy looking at them and enjoy the beauty that you create.
A very dreary day today until your recent photos arrived ! As usual, they are beautiful.
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