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Great Blue HeronGreat EgretCommon MerganserGreat EgretCormorant with fishCanada GooseGreat Blue HeronCormorantWood DuckCommon MergansersTricolored Heron with catchGreat Blue HeronWaterfalls at Aquetong Spring ParkAquetong Spring ParkGreat Blue HeronEastern Screech Owl (Red Morph)Mallard ducksSolitary SandpiperMallard duckMallard duck

Guestbook for October 2021
I don't send a response every month but still love getting these great photos every month. Thanks for getting such good shots month after month.
hope all is well with you and james.
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Kevin, these were as beautiful as all your other work has been! Keep up the wonderful photography and keep sending to us. Thanks.
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