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CicadaSnowy EgretMacroBaby chick -  One day oldSunflowersLook who flew in...WilletCarolina AnoleWhite Ibis landing in the marshCarolina AnoleAdult Black Skimmer and two chicksLeast TernRock DoveAnhingaUber RiderGreat EgretOur Gardenia BudCicadaPileated WoodpeckerAnhinga

Guestbook for June 2017
Harris Brown(non-registered)
Great set Kevin-wonderful variety of subject matter. Loved the skimmer+chicks. hope all is well
Patricia Giannini
I can't get enough of your photos, they are absolutely stunning. I only wish I had the ability to capture the beauty of birds and small animals as you do. You are an amazing photographer. Love always
Val Arie(non-registered)
As Always...stunning work!!! I can't believe the detail on the fly! Such beautiful work Kevin!
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
As always, these are magnificent! I look forward each month to see what you have come up with and it never disappoints. upon viewing. I must say that the picture of Frida was extra sweet. Thanks so much..
Linda Thomas(non-registered)
I continue to be amazed at the photos that you take. How wonderful they are. I am also so happy to be included in your list of interested people to receive and enjoy all this photography.

Thanks Kevin.

Hugs, Linda
The guestbook is empty.