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Sunrise at Fort FisherBald EagleAquarium FishCarolina BeachLittle Blue HeronPileated WoodpeckerSunrise at Fort FisherPileated WoodpeckerRed-shouldered HawkKure BeachMarbled GodwitAmerican OystercatcherCarolina BeachBrown PelicanHooded Merganser - femaleWilletHooded Merganser - maleCarolina BeachAsian Small-clawed OtterAsian Small-clawed Otter

Guestbook for January 2022
Harris Brown(non-registered)
Wonderful series of images this month Kevin-like the diversity of subject matter-outstanding work as usual
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
these are are all beautiful.. Loved the one with the Blue Heron and the reflection of it in the water. Great Work!!
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