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Juvenile Little Blue Heron - Take off!Juvenile Little Blue Heron- Take off!Red tailed HawkMallard CoupleYoung Turkey VultureYoung Turkey VultureYoung Turkey VultureTufted TitmouseTufted TitmouseTufted TitmouseCarolina ChickadeeCarolina ChickadeeCanada Goose in flightCanada GooseMale Northern CardinalFemale Northern CardinalPurple FinchCedar Waxwing

Guestbook for Wildlife 2014
Trish Giannini(non-registered)
Wow!!, I absolutely love the eagles, the clarity of each shot is impeccable
Kevin, I love the moments you catch--an egret dancing across a lake, its wings forward on lift-off, a goose flapping tranquilly on the down stroke, a mallard hovering above its mate, a woodpecker in the middle of a squawk, a soaring eagle glancing towards you with a knowing eye, an anhinga tilting its head toward the sun as it patiently dries its wings (such great lighting), and magnificent vultures being magnificent. Besides the artistry--dare I call it pageantry--the clarity and colors of your images are gorgeous.
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