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Rose-breasted GrosbeakMoonOsprey with FishTree SwallowJames at Fort FisherSpicebush Swallowtail on PickerelweedArtichoke relativeMuskratMuskratMuskratRose-breasted GrosbeakHouse FinchTree SwallowCommon LoonAnhingaOyster Catchers in-flightMarsh HareComposite - Dragon FliesMe at Southport

Guestbook for June 2016
Val Arie(non-registered)
Awesome work as always Kevin.! My favorite is Crow Landing in the Marsh...probably because I am fond of crows.
hARRIS bROWN(non-registered)
great gallery as usual Kevin-wonderful variety of images
Ronald G Roughton and Florence(non-registered)
Great work---it must take a lot of patiencE TO GET SHOTS LIKE THOSE
The guestbook is empty.