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Venus, Saturn and JupiterSnowy EgretCamelliaSlicing the MoonMallardRed-bellied WoodpeckerJamesPeeps - Least TernsPied-billed GrebeLittle Blue HeronAnhingaKingfisherKingfisher composite sequenceJuvenile Red-tailed Hawk and a CrowGreat Blue HeronMini RosesRuddy DuckMallardBald EagleWillet

Guestbook for March 2019
Harris Brown(non-registered)
fantastic series Kevin-hard to pick a favorite, but probably the Ruddy duck-don't often see them in breeding plumage-outstanding work.
Eileen smith(non-registered)
What wonDerful photos, Kevin! You have an eye for color and movement.. I have a new appreciation for birds of all types. Thank you so much for these monthly updates.
Fay kidd(non-registered)
Amazing job Kevin!!! Thanks for sharing with us.
Linda Thomas(non-registered)
My favorite this month is the yellow mini roses. They are all great as I have come to expect but the roses call to me (yellow was my mom's pick for roses)
You never cease to amaze me. Great photos this month !
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