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Two Military aircraft during a mid-air re-fueling procedure.  A KC-10 refueling a C-17.CamelliaAmerican Coot walking on waterCanada GooseCooper's Hawk with a downed Gull - dragging it to a safer eating placeRed-bellied WoodpeckerA group of Oyster Catchers (with a Least Sandpiper and Marbeled Goodwit thrown in).Northern MockingbirdBelted KingfisherLittle Blue HeronMallard Drake in flightPied-billed GrebeLesser ScaupsWillet enjoying a small crabCamelliaJuvenile Black-crowned Night-heronMallard Drake landingComposite of a Belted KingfisherSnowy Egret

Guestbook for February 2019
Gene and Fay Kidd(non-registered)
As always I was awed by the pictures you shared with us. They are just beautiful and I look forward each month to seeing them. Keep up the great job of taking these pictures and all the rest to come. in future months.
Neat pictures as always. Great shot of the refueling, loved the mallards and so good to see flowers. Always something great to see thru your lens!
omg11 Now you did it.
some of the Best pictures i have seen.
Loved: Camellia, Mallard drake landing, fueling aircraft & the cooper's hawk,
Thanks for sharing.
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