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Canada Geese goslingsCrown of ThornsCarolina AnoleWilletLaughing GullLaughing GullGreen HeronCanada Goose goslingFemale CardinalStarlingBrown ThrasherCarolina WrenAmerican CrowBubbaTricolored HeronTufted TitmouseHouse SparrowRed-winged BlackbirdCarolina AnoleNorthern Mockingbird

Guestbook for April 2020
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
As always, some stunning images, Kevin! Your flight shots are superb, and the depth-of-detail that you're getting from your gear is just exceptional!
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Thanks for sending this Kevin. I always look forward to seeing these each month and they never fail to amaze me. "Bubba" was fun but the ducks are are always my favorite. Keep up the good work and stay safe!!
Joe Kubiak(non-registered)
Some great action shots Kevin! All the photos are nice
Linda Thomas(non-registered)
Great photos as always. Love the babies, both ducks and geese. Bubba looks comfortable.
Hope you are well and staying safe as you take your photos.
Stan Lupo(non-registered)
A wonderful selection of images, Kevin. The ducklings were very cute.. I like your anole image, and your birds eating things shots. Nice work.
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