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Yellow WarblerRose-breasted GrosbeakNorthern CardinalBaltimore OrioleGoslingCarolina AnoleCarolina WrenEastern TowheePepe!!Red-bellied WoodpeckerCurious SquirrelGreat EgretGoslingsLanding

Guestbook for May 2020
Fay & Gene Kidd(non-registered)
All of these were great! I especially liked the geese landing, the squirrel and the osprey!!! thanks for sharing.
Harris Brown(non-registered)
Spectacular variety this month Kevin. Can't pick a favorite, they're all wonderful. All super sharp, well exposed, and professionally presented-well done
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
BEautiful images, Kevin! Your colors are spectacular, as always, and there's a wonderful variety of creatures this month.
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