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This was the first day I've come this year. When I got here no eagles were visible, but I figured (correctly) that one was hidden sitting on the nest. Within 5 minutes I saw an eagle fly in from up-river and land on the tower. After a minute, the eagle that had been sitting on the nest appeared and took off down-river. It was then that the other eagle took off and circled the tower twice before landing in the nest to provide nesting duties! The first two shots from 2016 show the eagle circling.


One adult was perched atop the tower as the juvenile stayed in the nest. About an hour after I arrived with little action, the adult took off and flew south above the canal. The pictures from today show him in-flight. At that time the juvenile was alone. He seemed to began to exercise by spreading and flapping his wings, and by bouncing up and down on the rails near his nest. Eventually he settled back in his nest, possibly waiting for a return meal.

Both adults left the nest for a time but unfortunately I wasn't able to get good shots of them. One appeared to be hanging out on the sycamore tree near the river, close by. The eaglet appeared a few times in the nest and stretched his wings. It's amazing how large this bird has gotten in such a short time. He seems to be almost as big as the adults!

We went for a walk along the canal early this morning and fortunately I brought my camera! On the way back from our walk, both adults were on the tower and within 2 minutes of me being there, one took off and began soaring around the tower and area, and then the other did the same thing! One eagle was actually being chased/harassed by a crow, as one of these pictures show! I still haven't seen the baby(ies) yet.
Today, 3/23 was the first day I've checked out the nest this year. I had heard different things about the eagles - that they had returned and were nesting, that they were still here but were nesting in New Hope, and that they were no longer here. Well it seems they are back and apparently caring for an egg(s) in the nest! When I first got here it didn't appear that there was anything in the nest - no activity. Then, I saw an adult fly by and land on the tower next to the nest! A few minutes later, another adult appeared from the nest and flew down river! Within one minute, the other eagle took its position on top of the nest out of sight, presumably keeping the egg(s) warm! How exciting!

Recently while walking along the canal in Lambertville, I was directed to a bald eagle's nest in the distance , perched high on a tower, by our Lambertville neighbor Lindsay as she was walking her two dogs Honey and Melody. Apparently half of Lambertville knows about this nest. I've been back many times to try and capture some of their activities, and watch the baby in the nest get bigger.

All of these pictures have been taken from May 31st through November 18th and I've tried to arrange them so the newest pictures are first, oldest last. . I am trying to post new images every couple of days, and they will be at the top of the gallery. Also, please click on a picture to expand it.

I have to emphasize that I've never gotten closer than the position shown in the first image of this 2014 gallery. It is very important to respect the birds and their nest, and to not interfere.

Thank you for viewing this gallery. If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear from you!

Thank you Lindsay!

LAST UPDATE: 03/23/2016
Close-up showing leg bandComing in to provide reliefComing in to provide reliefReturning to the NestPerched atop the towerIn-flight after leaving the towerPerched atop the towerIn-flight after leaving the towerIn-flight after leaving the towerIn-flight after leaving the towerIn-flight after leaving the towerExercising the wings!Exercising the wings!Exercising the wings!Swallow invades eagle's airspaceEaglet stretching his wings!Eaglet stretching his wings!Eaglet stretching his wings!

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lynne falterbauer(non-registered)
kevin....your photographs are spectacular. thank you for your time and effort to show everyone their life and progression up close!
beth reynolds(non-registered)
Just love your photos ! The best I have seen. You must have an incredible lens.
Thank you for sharing.
Such great photos! We saw an eagle flying overhead in near washington crossing/lower makefield on Pa side yesterday. Do you think it is from the same nest?
Doug Hay(non-registered)
Great pix. Great lens
Stanley F Smith(non-registered)
Wow!!!!!!! These are great please keep my email in the loop
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