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Most of these images were made using a single raw file and tonemapped in Photomatix. There are a couple which are "true" HDRs meaning multiple exposures were taken and brought through Photomatix. All were taken through Photoshop to make final adjustments that I like.
Ralph Stover State ParkNew Hope Train YardTrain yard in New HopeLooking towards New HopeNeely FarmNew Hope Steam TrainCanal path in LambertvilleSchofield Ford Covered BridgeJames on the beachRalph Stover State ParkIn the middle of the DelawareBehind the New Hope train stationFonthillDelaware River at New Hope/LambertvilleLooking towards New HopeNew Hope Steam Train IITrain EngineerNeely FarmNeely FarmJames in the middle of the Delaware