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I've held on to boxes of old family photos, and hundreds of negatives in envelopes, mistakenly believing that I had corresponding prints for all these loose negatives. I was wrong! I decided to take a quick glance of some the negatives and discovered I had never seen many of these prints! Not having a proper negative scanner, I decided to photograph each negative with my Sony A1 (by securing each negative to a glass sheet back-lit by a light source) and photographing them with my macro lens. Many of these negatives were in pretty bad shape, and many of the photos themselves were mis-focused, mis-exposed, etc. Once I selected the negatives that "stood a chance", I reversed the negatives into positives in Lightroom, and performed what touch-up I felt they needed, including cropping. The Face Recognition and reconstruction in certain AI softwares like Topaz and Photoshop are certainly amazing and I used this when it proved helpful! This is a Work-In_Progeress!
My Aunt Elsie and Uncle Chris in their homeMy cousins Patti, Lois and ChrisMy Mother, and "Bangaway", the BoxerMy Father and sister Carol.My Aunt Elsie holding me and older sister CarolCarol and me with my Mother.Carol and me.Carol and me.Another fireplace shot.Another shot of Carol and me.Bathing Beauty CarolCarol and KevinMy Mom and meBrother and SisterMe and best friend MarkBirthday Party for me.Birthday party for Kevin (Me)My brother Frank and his buddy RogerGraduation day for Frank!My sister. Carol as a baby