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Guestbook for September 2019
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
Another gorgeous selection of images, Kevin!
Obviously the one-eyed hawk is hunting fine (or else he wouldn't have survived this long!)...
Joe Kubiak(non-registered)
Gene and Fay Kidd(non-registered)
This is quiet a variety of different things and all are beautiful (except the snakes, ugg!) Ha.
I send this to friends and they all just love the pictures. keep up the great work.
Every month you come up with something interesting. I always wondered what water moccasins looked like. Now I know. This time I can even let the friends that I send these images on to what you look like. We all enjoy these photos every month. The hawk missing an eye was unusual and I am with you hoping that he can hunt and survive with the one remaining eye.

Thanks for giving us all joy each month and letting us see nature through your eyes. (and camera lense).
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