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Lake GalenaRed-Bellied WoodpeckerMinkMinkJuvenile Ruddy TurnstonGreat Egret in flight.Fort Fisher South EndYellow-Bellie SapsuckerGreat EgretJuvenile Cooper's HawkCanada Geese in flightBlue Jay close-upSnowy EgretPalm WarblerNorthern Harrier in FlightGreat Blue HeronMink

Guestbook for November 2015
Patricia Giannini(non-registered)
As always Kevin, I see your photos and I am never disappointed. You clarity and ability to spot the indifference in animals and capture them on film is an amazing talent. I look forward to next month's collection. BTW, thanks for the eagle shot, they are my favoirte
Joe Kubiak(non-registered)
As always, your pictures are awesome. I particularly love the composition in Lake Galena.
Frank Catanzareti(non-registered)
Again your pictures are perfect in very way. You take the pictures I can only dream of taking, your camera and lens are the best!!
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