Kevin Giannini Photography | May 2015...
Curious TurtlesWood Duck and all seven of her youngRabbitFemale Wood Duck and two of her youngGreat Blue HeronTern with fishGoslingsComing back to the tower - 5/23Scotch Broom (I think)  5/19/15Chased by a crow!  5/23Prothonotary WarblerLanding Great BlueCormorant in flightCanada Goose and goslingsFront yard 5/19/15Gray CatbirdCircling the area.  5/23Snowy EgretIbis in flight.

Guestbook for May 2015...
Jamie Hans(non-registered)
Awesome job!
Love it when crows attack eagles. I've never seen images quite like yours before--Such beautiful artwork.
All your pictures are incredible. I look forward to viewing them monthly. The March of the turtles has still left me smiling.
Thanks again for sharing with us!
P.S. I can't wait for more eagle pictures !!!
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