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Rose-breasted GrosbeakBald EagleRaccoon BabyBaby Raccoon tailGlossy IbisRuby-throated HummingbirdRuby-throated HummingbirdRough-wingede SwallowTree SwallowPainted TurtleTree SwallowRuby-throated HummingbirdGreat EgretWood Duck with 10 ducklingsGlossy IbisWhite-tailed Deer fawnMinkDowny WoodpeckerGreat Blue HeronYellow-crowned Night heron

Guestbook for June 2019
Gene and Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Wow, the pictures were magnificent! I loved, loved the Great Egret. I look forward each month to viewing these pictures from you.
Patricia Giannini
I miss a lot of these on facebook, I'm thankful to be able to see them on your albums. I love the raccoon, but still, have the Eagles as my favourite.
You did it again. Amazing. Love the baby raccoon.
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