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Sun Rise on Carolina BeachOyster CatchersHouse FinchesSun Rise on Carolina BeachRing Billed GullBlack-capped ChickadeeWillets in flightRing Billed GullSun Rise on Carolina BeachLaughing GullsOakdale CemeterySun Rise on Carolina BeachLaughing GullsBrown PelicanOakdale CemeterySnowy EgretCommon MoorhenNorthern CardinalRoyal Tern

Guestbook for March 2017
hARRIS bROWN(non-registered)
Great set of images as always Kevin-well done
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
You have some wonderful images, Kevin! I especially like the sunrise shots... they have a wonderfully relaxing feel to them...
Linda Thomas(non-registered)
Sure does make us hope that spring is coming. The shore pictures make me feel happy.
Love the snowy egret, I can almost feel the breeze blowing the feathers!
Bobbie Pennimpede(non-registered)
As usual beautiful. You out do yourself. Keep busy.
Way to put a smile on my face on this dreary Friday !
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