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Baby RaccoonAmerican AlligatorBald EagleRed-bellied WoodpeckerCarolina AnoleComet NeowiseYellow WarblerOystercatcherRed-shouldered HawkNorthern HarrierCanada Geese goslingsAnhinga with a BIG fishGolden-crowned KingletRed FoxSnowy Egret

Guestbook for Best of 2020
I really love seeing your photos. I am partial to the racoons and fox.
Hope you have a great New Year filled with health.
Stan Lupo(non-registered)
Kevin, A fine set of images for 2020. I am impressed how well you caught Comet Neowise, as well as your usual excellent wildlife pictures. Happy New Years and hope to reconnect with all my buddies after vaccinations. Regards.
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