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Meet Pepe!Tree SwallowTulipsGoslingsFlowersWhite-breasted NuthatchAmerican GoldfinchNorthern CardinalPied-billed GrebeRed-bellied WoodpeckerPinwheelEastern PhoebeBald EagleOspreyRed-tailed HawkPied-billed GrebeJamesEastern PhoebeTree SwallowNorthern Rough-winged Swallow

Guestbook for April 2018
Patricia J Giannini(non-registered)
Outstanding!! Hello Pepe
David Pellegrino(non-registered)

You have done it again. Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on the new addition., he looks very feisty.

Best - Dave
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
Congratulation on your new member of the family, Pepe. I look forward to seeing you and James walk this little darling in the neighborhood. The pictures are wonderful and so clear it feels you can reach out and touch the birds. Great job!
I like the abstract flower pictures, especially the Pinwheel. James looks like he is trying to capture the sun and warmth on the covered bridge. Welcome to your newest "baby". Hopefully there will be lots of years of fun and laughter with the little one.
elizabeth reynolds
As always, a pleasure to see.
Thank you for sharing !
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