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Rose-breasted GrosbeakRaccoonRed-bellied WoodpeckerCarolina Beach SunriseRose-breasted Grosbeak - FemaleIrisTree Swallow and North Rough-winged SwallowDowny WoodpeckerGrey Squirrel balancing act!Red-bellied WoodpeckerCanada GooseGoslingsWhite-tailed DeerPepeMinkYellow WarblerFemale MallardOsprey in flightDowny WoodpeckerWhite-tailed Deer

Guestbook for May 2019
Harris Brown(non-registered)
your best series ever Kevin. great variety, hard to pick a favorite but i loved the deer images.
outstanding work as always
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
Another exceptional set of images, Kevin! I especially like your images of the Mink, who has remained elusive for me for many years, until just recently! And your shot of the red-bellied woodpecker in flight is fabulous! I always enjoy viewing your images!!
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