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American AlligatorAirlie GardensBrown-headed NuthatchSnowy EgretCape Fear Memorial BridgeMallard with "Angel Wings" conditionGreat EgretAmerican AlligatorMy friend Glenice from my Photography ClubTricolored HeronTricolored HeronBrown ThrasherSnowy EgretJuvenile Tricolored HeronCarolina ChickadeeTufted TitmouseCarolina WrenNorthern CardinalKilldeer

Guestbook for September 2020
Chris Brennan(non-registered)
Another outstanding set of images, Kevin!
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
I'm a little late in looking at this collection but it was all so good! I really liked the Tricolored Heron one (such odd poses) and the Snowy Egret which was magnificent (and always my favorite ).! Thanks for sharing.
Linda M Thomas(non-registered)
Good photos. Love the one of your friend Glenice. Hope that the other mallards leave someone behind to stay with the Angel Winged fowl.
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