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Adult and Juvenile 6/7/15Adult and Juvenile 6/7/15Adult flying back to the tower 6/6/15Grackle with a Skink?  6/5/15Adult in the nest 6/7/15Adult and Juvenile 6/7/15Eaglet stretching his wings!Eaglet stretching his wings!Eaglet stretching his wings!Heron in flightHeron posing in the sunlightMale CardinalRose-breasted GrosbeakDove in flightHeron in flightMallard Take-offSwallow invades eagle's airspaceGreen HeronJamesKevin

Guestbook for June 2015...
Trish Giannini(non-registered)
Kevin, I love the Bald Eagles and I'm glad that you are keeping tabs on the little one and his growth.
Chris Fell(non-registered)
As always Kevin. Some good shots. I like the blue heron
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