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Full Moon rising over Masonboro SoundCarolina AnolePileated WoodpeckerJupiter, with bands and 3 of its moonsBumblebee on BorageJohnny Mercer Pier at sunrisePied-billed GrebeLittle Blue HeronShell Hunting - James and our neighbor CindyBumblebee macroPied-billed GrebeFort Fisher (cell phone shot)International Space StationSnowy EgretPalm WarblerSnowy EgretSnowy EgretJohnny Mercer PierJames shell hunting after IanGarlic Chives

Guestbook for October 2022
What a proud young man with his new watch. Really great that you can restore those old treasures. Love your photos as I do every month.
Hope all is good with you and James.
The guestbook is empty.