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Red-bellied WoodpeckerGreat Blue HeronBlack-crowned Night HeronGreat Blue HeronAcrobatic TernRed-tailed HawkSnowy EgretBlack-crowned Night HeronAnhingaAnhingaRed-tailed HawkBlack-headed GullRuddy Duck and Lesser ScaupLittle Blue HeronAcrobatic TernAcrobatic TernTricolored HeronBlack-crowned Night HeronDouble-crested Cormorant

Guestbook for January 2020
Fay Kidd(non-registered)
These pictures are all amazing. thanks for sharing them each month with us. I love getting them and finding out what you have new!!
Joel S(non-registered)
Your photos never cease to amaze and your patience is that of Job's. We're always thrilled to see your new work, Thank you so much for sharing it.
Dianne mezza(non-registered)
i love to sit down at the computer, with a cup of coffee and enjoy your beautiful work,,
Kevin. Thank you for always remembering me...........regards, dianne
The guestbook is empty.